Inventory sourcing manager for car dealers

CarPage helps you coordinate and streamline your used car acquisition process

Everything organized

Keep up with the vehicles in the process of being acquired. Save and easily access all your leads, book values, history reports, photos and notes. No more forgotten or lost deals.

Manage your team

Use CarPage to communicate with your inventory buyers: add notes, assign tasks, send notifications. Improve your team efficiency with the help of our intelligent, cloud based software.

One car - one page

Save car details, negotiated price, book values and ownership history all in one, easily accessible place. No more confusion with duplicate leads.

SMS / Email notifications

Don't let good deals fall through the cracks. Automated Email and SMS notifications keep everyone in sync: management, agents, buyers, logistics.

Search and Filters

Quickly find leads using Live Search or a large variety of customized filters.

Hot Deals

Prioritize and assign the most important leads first. Don't let your competitors outpace you.

Import car listings with a single click of a button

With the help of our Chrome extension, instantly save cars from any listing site to your CarPage account, including all specs and full size photos.

Price Drops

All leads in the CarPage are monitored for the price changes. Every day you'll be notified about the most recent price drops.

Carfax / Autocheck integration

View Carfax and Autocheck history reports, all on the same page. Includes customized summary snapshots.

Send and Receive text messages right inside CarPage

Track agents activity. Use SMS templates. Improve and automate your workflow. And most importantly, don't miss any seller response!

Who did What and When

Know exactly what is the workload of your employees, who's working and who's not, and what you can do to improve their productivity.

Integration with 3rd party vendors

Connect CarPage to other software tools you use: get appraisals, history reports, request seller reviews, and anything else you need to automate.

Online 24/7

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone.